Satcom Solutions Corporation Satellite Earth Stations

SSC’s experience is superb in the Satellite Industry and has been giving Satellite Communication answers for the world since late 1990. SSC has more than 200 man years involvement in this specific field. Our administrations are given from the task origin and proposition the distance to usage and fruitful finish.

SSC’s give master frameworks building, establishment, preparing, framework outline, connection spending plans, gear determination, hardware choice, site configuration including structural designing, hardware and framework test details, and mix and authorizing of Satellite Earth Stations Facilities and auxiliary satellite gear, including VSAT systems. SSC additionally gives after deals support. SSC gives complete Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment (DCME) answers for significantly decrease working costs for our clients. SSC speaks to the vast majority of the real driving hardware suppliers on the planet, therefore giving the most “savvy” actually practical arrangements. SSC are very much regarded in the business for “Quick Track” usage.

Today, SATCOM Solutions Corporation is the main satellite framework building house in Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa. This mastery has been constructed up over the past 19 years experience. Amid this time, a fantastic working relationship has been encouraged with all the main suppliers of earth station and auxiliary hardware. SSC has selective merchant concurrences with a large number of our suppliers.

This, together with our abundance of building mastery, issues us the capacity to give a “practical” cutting edge answer for our esteemed customers.

SSC and our station accomplice, STSC in South Africa, are the biggest stocking wholesalers of satellite gear in Africa that incorporates the accompanying items:

SATELLITE EARTH STATIONS: SSC offers satellite earth stations from F1 to Standard A satellite earth stations. Late turnkey undertakings incorporate different 11M earth stations furnished with 750 watt outside force speakers.

• BLOCK UP CONVERTER (BUC): The Terrasat most recent shrewd BUC innovation now offers a web access port to permit the client full access to the web with remote screen and control of the earth station through the web. The L-Band interface diminishes the expense of a satellite earth station drastically.

• MODEMS: We stock a compliment of Comtech/EF Data modems extending from IF to IP interface with the most recent IP Turbo code in an extensive variety of coding plans to give the client greatest data transmission reserve funds. The new CDM-625 Carrier in Carrier modem is presently accessible that yields a 50% data transfer capacity investment funds with a common payback time of under 3 months. Comtech/EF Data now additionally offers LDPC innovation that diminishes the obliged transmission capacity further and permits the investment funds even in the middle of substantial and little radio wires.

• VIPERSAT: The most recent in VSAT innovation over IP permits the client to utilize Vipersat in a TDMA mode for information, fax and FTP. Vipersat switch to a SCPC channel when utilizing Voice, Video and Encryption to give the client the transfer speed that he requires. The framework change back to TDMA when the data transfer capacity is no more obliged, accordingly sparing data transmission. Vipersat is a “Hubless” framework and consequently offers a minimal effort answer for a VSAT framework with under 200 terminals. The IP interface permits the client to make greatest utilization of the new IP innovation hardware available.

• SWITCH: The Quintech switch give exchanging of L-Band and IF from any port, or blends of ports to any yield port in any mix up to 128 x 128. This incorporates fan in and fan out switch arrangements. It is no more important for any Teleport to utilize lossy splitters and dividers that are unattractive.

• VIDEO: The NTT encoders pack Video to MPEG-4 standard and permits the client to spare data transfer capacity when transmitting feature over satellite. SSC supplied this innovation for the FIFA 2010 diversions in South Africa.

• TRANSCEIVERS: A scope of C and KU Band handsets are accessible from our stock with SSPA’s. A FSK station is accessible between the modem and the handset to permit the client remote screen and control over the satellite connection.

• POWER AMPLIFIERS: A scope of CPI TWT enhancers are accessible going from 100 watt to 2.2 KW. The force speakers are accessible for indoor rack mounting and outside mounted. The most mainstream force speaker in the extent is the 750 watt open air enhancer.

• COMPRESSION EQUIPMENT: The Veraz pressure gear is offered with up to 20:1 pressure at toll quality. SSC stock these terminals for quick conveyance.

• IP GATEWAYS: SSC stocks Veraz IP Gateways with a 12:1 pressure.

• SOFT SWITCH: SSC supplied the Veraz delicate switch to a major GSM administrator and give full after deals upkeep and backing.

• OPTIMIZATION: The Celtro DMT advancement product offering is being supplied to the three noteworthy GSM bearers in South Africa. This undertaking was started from origin field trials to last organization and authorizing. An extensive 24 X 7 on location bolster upkeep project is furnished with required reaction times.

• ANTENNAS: SSC offers a wide mixture of recieving wires from different makers. The most mainstream reception apparatuses that SSC stocks is the Prodelin 1.8-meter, 2.4-meter and 3.8-meter with the Andrew 4.8-meter recieving wire. The Andrew 9.3-meter Standard B reception apparatuses are accessible for fast conveyance to our clients. additionally offer VertexRSI 11-meter and 13-meter recieving wires.

Client BASE: The Company client base incorporate all the real bearers in the African area, for example, Telkom, Vodacom, MTN, Transtel, South African Defense Force and Foreign Affairs. The client base in Sub Sahara Africa incorporates Angola, Congo DRC, Congo B, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Gabon, Lesotho, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Zambia to give some examples. The Company has a few supply contracts set up with the real bearers in the district and has gotten roughly 80% of Telkom SA International satellite spending plan for quite a long while.

Offices: In Africa, the organization is situated beside the Telkom NOCC in the prestigious Techno Park in Pretoria. The offices incorporates a 1,000 Sq. meter building that house workplaces, gathering offices, a frameworks reconciliation range, test and repair lab and stockroom offices. This incorporates satellite earth stations to permit us to do live field trials and to screen and control existing establishments all through Africa.

In the United States, the organization is situated in the Westlake Commerce Center in Westlake Village, California. will be moving to a bigger office, sooner rather than later, to better serve our clients and this will permit us a similarly present day office to our sister office in South Africa.

Upkeep: SSC offers on location hardware support bolster and have a 24 X 7 specialized hotline for our clients.

REPAIR: SSC offers a repair ability for the hardware that SSC offer. The Company repair lab is outfitted with a complete scope of test hardware adjusted to universal guidelines that cover from 1 GHz to 14 GHZ and maker prescribed unique test installations. The SSC repair office is processing plant confirmed and the staff is production line prepared and ensured to permit us to perform guarantee repairs and hardware updates for our clients.

AFTER SALES SUPPORT: SATCOM gives after deals backing to all the items that we offer and our faculty are plant prepared on the items that we offer. SATCOM has a few long haul upkeep contracts set up with the expansive transporters which incorporate compulsory reaction times and oblige that we stock extras and complete buoy get-togethers to guarantee fitting backing for the hardware.

The SATCOM repair lab is furnished with a scope of RF and advanced test gear that is balanced traceable to global models. SATCOM gives the accompanying:

• Actively advertise our channel accomplice items.

• Install and commission the items when so needed by the clients.

• Provide upkeep and after deals support for the items.

• Provide administrator and sp